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Simply speaking to the website of First Legal Aid. And if quite simply, to the hospital of the lawyers. After all, the man, puzzled mental torment sick and needs help from doctors as well as people suffering from physical ailments. However, in such cases, needed doctors not of medical profile but legal. And timely advice to the existing problem can save more than a dozen patients.

Our site is designed for anyone who wants to solve their through matters through the law. To do this, we have a section for communication with our experts and will publish information on legal issues. A defining moment in the site is to provide the answer during 1 hour. So if you draw in terms, will be happy to assist you.

Questions can be set for any legal scope of the legislation. We will answer to all!

Yes, forgot to say, we all understand that this cherished 1hour valid only during the working day from 9:00 to 18:00. The rest of the answers to the questions will be the next day at 10:00 am.

The site also will be a platform for the boys and girls seeking to perpetuate itself with interesting articles on the annoying questions in life. Therefore, we invite professionals and non- professionals to share with society with their wisdom, placing their works on the site. Saving copyright guaranteed!



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